Preventive Occupational Healthcare for Youth at SIGA

SIGA Polytechnic College conducted an awareness program on “Preventive Occupational Healthcare for Youth.” Mr. Er. S. Sagayaraj, Former Special Engineer, TNPWD and Wellness Strategist, was the resource person of the day. He interacted with the students on health issues. He suggested alternate therapies that will complement the traditional approaches and presented potential solutions and initiatives to address the health issues.

    He spoke about substance abuse, including alcohol, tobacco, and drug addiction. He mentioned that peer pressure, stress, and lack of awareness about the harmful effects of substance abuse contribute to this problem. Er. S. Sagayaraj, who had previously attended as a Health therapist in the Cancer Institute (W.I.A), provided precise updated information about the risks associated with substance abuse and taught coping mechanisms to manage stress and peer pressure.

    He emphasized that while alternate therapies can provide complementary support, they should be used in conjunction with evidence-based medical treatments and under the guidance of qualified practitioners.

    Chennai – Rinaldi Juniorate

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