On 16th August 2018 during decennial celebration, the book “Jesus, the Saviour of All. A Soteriology Centred on God’s Universal Love in the Writings of Gerald O’Collins”. authored by Rev.Fr. Don Bosco Augustine, the Principal of DBTC, was released by Rev. Dr. A.M. Chinnapa, Emeritus Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore. It is the synthesis of his doctoral studies. Fr. Don Bosco thanked all who were instrumental in helping him to release the book.

    Augustine Don Bosco, Jesus, the Saviour of All. A Soteriology Centred on God’s Universal Love in the Writings of Gerald O’Collins.

                  The thesis is centred on analysing the writings of Gerald O’Collins’ concept of ‘Jesus, the Saviour of All’ based on God’s benevolent love. The study is an interface between Christology and Soteriology. Using the Analytical-critical Method the thesis presents in a convincing manner that Christ’s salvation cannot be limited to only Christians but it is universal and goes beyond barriers to include all. The argument has Biblical, Historical, Philosophical and Systematic bases.

                O’Collins has interpreted God’s salvation for all from the perspective of love as he is convinced that amor vincit omnia or ‘love conquers all.’ There have been very few in the history of Christian tradition who have viewed salvation from this perspective. This vision of salvation proposed by O’Collins is comprehensive, clear and credible. From this point of view, this thesis has great relevance for India where the context is multi-religious and the vast majority are believers of diverse Deities. They also form part of God’s unique plan of salvation and will be saved for the fact that God’s love goes beyond all religions and embraces all to redeem through Jesus Christ.

    About the Author

    The Author is a Professor of Systematic Theology at the Salesian Theologate, Don Bosco Theological Centre, Kavarapettai. He is also the Principal of the Centre for the Past three years. He has obtained his Licentiate and Doctorate in Theology from the Salesian Pontifical University, Rome. He also has a Licentiate in Philosophy from Divya Daan Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Nashik and has been teaching in various seminaries. He has been writing articles in the Don Bosco Theological Series.

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